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Expertise & Services

We provide comprehensive assistance in addressing various issues and challenges that are faced by our clients doing business in Japan and elsewhere throughout all three areas of intellectual property: 1) filing and prosecution of applications, 2) post-grant proceedings and counseling, and 3) enforcement and litigation.

Filing and Prosecution

Our patent attorneys have extensive experience in conducting searches for prior art technology, industrial designs and prior trademarks, as well as in filing and prosecution of applications in various fields of business and technology both in Japan and elsewhere. We also provide pre-filing consultation for selection of countries in which to seek protection of IP rights and for the best forms of protection.

Post-Grant Proceedings and Counseling

Our post-grant services range from monitoring third parties’ applications in Japan and elsewhere for possible oppositions worldwide and recording clients’ IP registrations with customs, to providing legal consultation in drafting and negotiating IP-related contracts including licensing and assignment, and to counseling on non-disclosure, trade secret, IP transaction, OEM, distributor and joint venture agreements.

Enforcement and Litigation

Our Enforcement & Litigation team concentrates on protecting our clients’ valuable IP rights, including copyrights, by working on cease and desist letters, infringement opinions, anti-counterfeiting enforcement, custom border control, infringement litigation, litigation against decisions of the JPO, specified unfair competition, etc. We have represented domestic and international clients in a number of major patent and trademark infringement cases all over the world, including Japan, China and the United States.

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