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Message from the Presiding Partner

Effective use of INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY for your superior management

Nowadays it is essential to make full use of intellectual property in formulating and executing business strategy. A Patent, for example, is the fruit of an enterprise's heart-and-soul efforts, as well as its valuable assets.

In order to turn your intellectual property into a highly effective tool for your business strategy, it is imperative that you evaluate its true worth, and protect and assert your rights to it.

ARCO Patent Office is located in Kobe, Japan, an international key point, was established more than 80 years ago and now is flourishing as a reputed, dependable professional organization. ARCO has highly experienced patent attorneys supported by dedicated specialists with expertise in each advanced field of technology. ARCO has solid records showing its dedication to patent, utility model, design, and trademark applications, including business method patent applications which are attracting increasing attention from business circles.

Also, we enjoy strong co-operation extended by our overseas legal colleagues, including American and Chinese attorneys, who assist us in industrial property application filing and litigation overseas. Furthermore, we handle a variety of agreements between Japanese and overseas enterprises for agency, licensing, distributorship, OEM, joint ventures, joint technology development, etc.

In this era of mega-competition, intellectual property involves ever-increasing conflicts and litigation among businesses among your enterprise and competitors including overseas businesses. Competition among Japanese and powerful overseas businesses for supremacy in the Japanese market is easy to imagine.

ARCO has ample experience in handling such litigation cases. In Japan and also overseas, we can organize powerful litigation teams to protect your best business interests.

Masaru Nakao
Presiding Partner - Arco Patent Office

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