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What we do

1.Your Patent Management Rcquired

(1) Up to filing of the patent specifications

(a) Communication with ARCO
・ Prior art patent search by ARCO upon request
・ ARCO's suggestions for filing of a patent application and examination request
(b) Check-up of ARCO-prepared draft patent application(s) by the inventor/corporate IP officer
(c) Instructions to ARCO to file the application (and the request for examination where necessary)

(2) Prosecution of post-application procedures

(a) (for the application unaccompanied by the examination request) decision, and instructions to ARCO, on when to request for the examination
(b) (upon receipt of the Patent Office's Official Notice of Rejection)
Review of the Notice and ARCO's related comments (by the inventor/corporate IP officer)
(c) Decision on how to cope with the final rejection
(d) Instructions to ARCO
(e) Review of countermeasures

2. Management of the patent duly registered

(a) Control on the annuity
(b) Check-up of the Letters Patent and the related entry in the Patent Bulletine

3. Management of litigations, etc.

(a) Opposition against the registration of patent
(b) Appeals to the Appeal Board, Patent Office
(i) Appeal against the Final Rejection
(ii) Appeal for invalidation of patent rights
(iii) Appeal for amendment of patent rights
(c) Court litigation on:
(i) Cancellation of the Appeal Board decision
(ii) Patent infringement
(d) Arbitration/ADR
(e) Composition/settlement

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